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Q&A: Connecticut’s Medical Marijuana Laws
Law Office of Douglas D. Rudolph

Marijuana is being legalized around the nation, in one form or another. While some states are beginning to legalize marijuana recreationally, Connecticut isn’t there quite yet. The state does, however, permit medical marijuana. Since this status is supposed to reserve cannabis for legitimate medical use, there are some strict laws surrounding medical marijuana in Connecticut.…

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Beyond the Criminal Penalties of Connecticut Family Violence
Law Office of Douglas D. Rudolph

An accusation of family violence should never be taken lightly. Even if someone isn’t accused in a criminal court, civil courts can impose plenty of penalties for family violence in Connecticut. These penalties can and will follow a person for life, making regular activities difficult. Family violence is broader than you might think. Connecticut defines…

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What It Means to Be Charged With Possession With Intent to Sell in CT
Law Office of Douglas D. Rudolph

Being caught in possession of illegal drugs is certainly a crime, but, you can count on being penalized more severely if it’s found you intended to distribute them. The War on Drugs is the heart of a historic push for high penalties when convicted of selling drugs. It was meant to cut off the supply…

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Will Surveillance Technology Lead to More CT Burglary Charges in 2020?
Law Office of Douglas D. Rudolph

Technology continues to march forward in every industry, and that includes surveillance. 2020 will see new and interesting developments in how technology is used to keep people and their belongings safe. New kinds of surveillance should help the police curtail burglary, or at least be a catalyst to more burglary charges in Connecticut. These new…

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An Overview of Misdemeanor Classes in Connecticut
Law Office of Douglas D. Rudolph

Connecticut recently brought misdemeanors into the limelight with their decision to lower a significant number of drug charges from felonies to misdemeanors. This is good news for those facing charges for minor crimes, including drug possession. The change significantly increases the number of charges that Connecticut now considers misdemeanor crimes. The bipartisan effort to pass…

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When Misdemeanors are Elevated to Felonies in Connecticut
Law Office of Douglas D. Rudolph

Each state has its own criminal justice system – Connecticut is no different. The state’s legislative body passes laws that regulate conduct and specifies the penalties that a judge can – or must – impose when an individual violates or breaks a law. This set of laws is called a penal code. Most states, including…

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Not All Violent Crimes are Separated by Degree in CT
Law Office of Douglas D. Rudolph

Not all states have the same penalties for the same crime. Not all states classify crimes in the same way, either. There is one thing that everyone can agree on, though: murder is the most serious crime and always comes with the stiffest penalties. Taking another person’s life is undoubtedly regarded as more severe than…

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Don’t Let Your Holiday Celebrating End in Charges of CT Assault
Law Office of Douglas D. Rudolph

Holidays always involve lots of time with family and friends, sometimes lots of alcohol, and often lots of stress…and most of the time, all goes fine! Still, there are situations when stress and alcohol consumption cause even the best of friends or closest of family members to fight. If you’ve been there before, then you…

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Douglas D. Rudolph practices criminal defense law with two guiding principles in mind: that you are someone who deserves to be treated with dignity and respect, and that you are innocent until proven guilty. Those are beliefs that have served him well so far in New Haven and across Connecticut, where he has built a reputation as someone who truly cares about his clients and will fight aggressively for them. His work has earned him a number of prestigious awards, including landing on The National Trial Lawyers Top 40 Under 40 list two years in a row and being named to the Top 10 Under 40 by the National Academy of Criminal Defense Attorneys in 2018.

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It has been my recent personal experience that Attorney Douglas D Rudolph delves into the essence of the situation with skill, diligence and perseverance. I had the benefit of the best comprehensive, strategic defense...


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I highly recommend Attorney Douglas Rudolph. I got involved in a domestic case for the first time and was scared out of my mind. I had never been in this situation before and didn't want it on my record. I didn't know...


Doug and his assistant have been outstanding to work with. They are extremely professional and have been very kind and compassionate with me during this extremely difficult time in my life.


I hired Mr Rudolf to represent me in multiple cases and he was magnificent. He was able to procure the best possible outcomes in both case, which was fantastic. He was always available for my questions and never made me...


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