Are Penalties for Robbery Different Than Burglary in CT? Not Really

The question of what is burglary vs. robbery is one that is often asked by the uninitiated. It is easy to confuse the two and different states around the country often have different laws and definitions. Many view robberies as a far more severe crime than burglaries.

While the state of Connecticut maintains different legal definitions for robbery and burglary, on the other hand, the courts typically view them as nearly identical when it comes to sentencing.

This is why [...]


CT Sex Crime Convictions Equal More Than Just Criminal Penalties

Being convicted of any crime is, in its own right, something that is bound to follow you long after you’ve done your time. That being said, research suggests there are certain convictions that seem to be viewed far more negatively in society…and for much longer.

Sex crimes are among the worst. This is because while, yes, there are legal penalties attached to sex crime convictions, there are also significant social penalties.

The unique and unparalleled stigma surrounding sex crime convictions [...]


Q&A: Connecticut’s Medical Marijuana Laws

Marijuana is being legalized around the nation, in one form or another. While some states are beginning to legalize marijuana recreationally, Connecticut isn’t there quite yet. The state does, however, permit medical marijuana.

Since this status is supposed to reserve cannabis for legitimate medical use, there are some strict laws surrounding medical marijuana in Connecticut.

These laws can be confusing to laypeople. Understanding these laws will help legitimate users of medical marijuana avoid unnecessary legal trouble with their prescriptions.



What Connecticut Law Says About Driving Under the Influence

It’s all too easy to make poor decisions while intoxicated. One bad choice many people still make while drunk is trying to drive. Even people in positions of authority can make bad choices when they’re under the influence.

Recently, one Connecticut state trooper did just that. He was charged with a DUI after hitting another vehicle while driving his unmarked police vehicle off-duty. No one is above the law, after all, and he received multiple other charges as well.

Connecticut’s [...]