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Every Connecticut DUI Conviction Comes With a Mandatory Minimum
Law Office of Douglas D. Rudolph

Connecticut doesn’t play around with DUI convictions. The state has made it abundantly clear that it takes driving under the influence seriously and will do what it takes to reduce the numbers. One way of doing this is through the use of mandatory minimum sentencing. Every level of DUI in the state of Connecticut will…

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I Just Got an OUI Charge in Connecticut – Will I Lose My License?
Law Office of Douglas D. Rudolph

Most people associate drunk driving charges with the term “DUI.” It stands for driving under the influence of alcohol or other controlled substances. Connecticut works in a different way. If you have a .08 BAC or higher while operating a motor vehicle here, you will get charged with OUI – operating under the influence.  Just…

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Five Key Things to Know About DUI Arrests in Connecticut
Law Office of Douglas D. Rudolph

1. Remain Calm and Respectful to the Officers During the Initial Stop Connecticut has a “Stop and Identify” law, which means that any person pulled over while operating a motor vehicle must provide identification, proof of insurance, and vehicle registration to an officer. While retrieving your documents, be respectful to the officers and try to…

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Douglas D. Rudolph practices criminal defense law with two guiding principles in mind: that you are someone who deserves to be treated with dignity and respect, and that you are innocent until proven guilty. Those are beliefs that have served him well so far in New Haven and across Connecticut, where he has built a reputation as someone who truly cares about his clients and will fight aggressively for them. His work has earned him a number of prestigious awards, including landing on The National Trial Lawyers Top 40 Under 40 list two years in a row and being named to the Top 10 Under 40 by the National Academy of Criminal Defense Attorneys in 2018.

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It has been my recent personal experience that Attorney Douglas D Rudolph delves into the essence of the situation with skill, diligence and perseverance. I had the benefit of the best comprehensive, strategic defense...


Absolutely phenomenal. Doug knows his stuff and does a great job of explaining everything and making sure you're prepared for anything and everything happening. Very helpful in answering any questions and taking the...


I highly recommend Attorney Douglas Rudolph. I got involved in a domestic case for the first time and was scared out of my mind. I had never been in this situation before and didn't want it on my record. I didn't know...


Doug and his assistant have been outstanding to work with. They are extremely professional and have been very kind and compassionate with me during this extremely difficult time in my life.


I hired Mr Rudolf to represent me in multiple cases and he was magnificent. He was able to procure the best possible outcomes in both case, which was fantastic. He was always available for my questions and never made me...


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