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A drug crime conviction may carry hefty penalties, depending on the type of drug(s) involved and the quantity of the drug(s).  A Connecticut drug crimes defense attorney will aggressively defend you in court by reviewing the available evidence and attacking weaknesses in the state's arguments against you.  Criminal defense attorney Douglas D. Rudolph defends clients who have been charged with various drug crimes, including:

  • Possession of marijuana/paraphernalia
  • Possession of narcotics
  • Illegal manufacturing
  • Sale/distribution of drugs

Certain diversionary programs may be available for individuals charged with drug crimes.  Programs that offer treatment for a defendant who is dependent on drugs or alcohol are available for many crimes, including all drug sale and possession crimes, even for repeat-offenders.  However, defendants must meet eligibility requirements under Connecticut law.  A good Connecticut criminal defense attorney will evaluate your eligibility and discuss your potential options with you.  If you meet the basic eligibility requirements, your attorney will argue for your admission to these programs in court.  If you successfully complete your program, you may receive a better result in your case, or a dismissal of the charges.

Convictions of certain drug crimes carry mandatory minimums for jail time, and fines ranging in the tens of thousands of dollars.  You need an experienced Connecticut drug crimes defense attorney who knows the system and can help you reach the most favorable outcome.     

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