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Violent Crimes

A Connecticut Violent Crime Conviction Carries Heavy Consequences

Connecticut is responding to a recent spike of violent crimes by increasing law enforcement presence in cities with high rates of criminal activity. Cities like New Haven and Bridgeport.

According to a recent report, major Connecticut cities have seen a surge in shootings, homicides, and other violent crimes. To help cities crack down on violent offenses, the state is providing them with thousands of dollars for more police officer patrols.

“Some people are gonna go to jail. No doubt about it,” said Connecticut Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection Commissioner James Rovella. “…And we’re going to slow down this violence. It is a public health epidemic.”

As our state struggles to quell its recent wave of violent crime, criminal courts are handing out incredibly stiff penalties for these types of criminal offenses.

To avoid getting swept up in the statewide crusade against crime, if you are being charged with any kind of violent crime in Connecticut, it is critical to obtain sound legal counsel. As an experienced Connecticut criminal defense attorney, I have seen far too many people get bullied by aggressive officers and overzealous prosecutors.

When you work with The Law Office of Douglas D. Rudolph, we will not let this happen. We make it our business to provide those accused of violent crimes with the best possible legal defense, and we will not back down from a fight if we believe it will help you receive a better outcome.

As someone who has helped countless people going through one of the lowest points of their life, I understand how scary these situations can seem and how dehumanizing and out of control they can make you feel. That is why our office always strives to not only get you the best result, but also work with you to achieve it, making sure you understand what is happening at each part of the process and the options that you have available to you.

Get in touch to learn more about how I can help you stand up to a New Haven violent crime charge.

Different Types of Violent Crimes In and Around New Haven

In our state’s criminal justice system, “violent crime” is an umbrella term that may encompass a wide variety of criminal behaviors. Typically, violent crimes involve injury or threat of bodily injury to another person. Some types of violent crimes may involve threats of bodily injury to accomplish another criminal offense, such as robbery.

I have listed some of the common types of violent crimes in our state below.

  • Assault and sexual assault
  • Domestic Violence
  • Kidnapping
  • Manslaughter
  • Murder
  • Rape
  • Robbery
  • Weapons crimes

Many violent crimes are charged as felonies. The most serious type of crime in Connecticut, a felony carries stiff penalties like lengthy prison sentences, staggering fines, and strict probation conditions.

Perhaps the most crippling consequence of all, however, is the stain of a violent crime conviction on your permanent criminal record. In addition to burdening you and your family with the social stigma associated with having a criminal record, a felony conviction on your criminal history can make it difficult for you to obtain employment, apply for housing, take out a loan, and more.

Over my years working in the criminal justice system, I have seen all of the different negative ways a violent crime conviction can impact a person’s future. I have seen firsthand how unfair the system can be and how certain types of people are treated differently than others and are given fewer chances.

We all make mistakes, but that does not mean that we deserve to have our entire future ripped away without the opportunity to do better. That is why I dedicate my practice to providing fair, quality legal representation to clients charged with violent crimes.

When you work with the Law Office of Douglas D. Rudolph, you get a compassionate, tenacious legal team working to protect your rights. I understand that not all violent crime cases are what they seem, and being charged with this type of offense does not override your right to the strongest possible defense

Do not let your violent crime charge determine your future. Reach out to the Law Office of Douglas D. Rudolph to learn more about your rights and options.

Possible Defenses to Connecticut Violent Crimes Charges

While violent crimes are serious, there exist a number of defenses to these types of criminal charges. As an experienced defense lawyer, I will be able to examine the facts of your case to determine the strongest defense in your unique situation. Every case is different, but some of the most common defenses to criminal violence charges in Connecticut include:


You may be able to have your violent crime charges reduced or dropped if you can demonstrate that you acted in order to protect yourself from bodily injury due to someone else’s attack. In order for this defense to be valid, your use of force must be proportionate to the threat of bodily injury you were facing.

Defense of a Third Person

Similarly, you may be able to have your charges reduced or dropped if you can show you acted in order to protect another person from bodily injury due to some else’s attack.

Defense of Property or Premises

You also may be able to have charges against you reduced or dropped if you can show you acted to prevent theft, trespass, or criminal damage to your property.

Mistake of Fact

You may be able to have the charges against you dropped if the person’s identity is suspect or if no actual violence occurred.

Lack of Mental State

You may be able to avoid criminal prosecution for your alleged violent crime if you can show that you did not act knowingly, recklessly, or intentionally when committing the act.

These are only a handful of the many defenses that can be used against a Connecticut violent crime charge. To discuss possible defenses to your particular case, get in touch with me at The Law Office of Douglas D. Rudolph.

Fight New Haven Violent Crimes Charges With the Law Office of Douglas D. Rudolph

When you are up against Connecticut violent crime charges, the most important move you can make in protecting your rights is to connect with a top lawyer. Your criminal attorney can help you avoid saying or doing anything that could further incriminate you while also helping you understand the charges facing you. With a skilled lawyer on your side, you can start building your most powerful defense.

At the Law Office of Douglas D. Rudolph, we have worked with many clients facing violent crimes charges in Connecticut, and have earned a reputation for achieving favorable results when going up against even the toughest of cases.

If you are facing violent crime charges in New Haven or anywhere in Connecticut, do not despair. Instead, take a major step towards standing up for your future by contacting our the Law Office of Douglas D. Rudolph. Call, text, or email today to set up a free violent crime case evaluation today.

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