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Pretrial Diversion Programs

Get a Second Chance With Connecticut Pretrial Diversion Programs

Everyone makes mistakes. Making mistakes is how we learn. How we grow. How we avoid making them the next time.

Unfortunately, some mistakes result in bigger consequences than others. If the “mistake” you made was a criminal offense, you could be facing incarceration, heavy fines, and stringent probation terms.

Are those kinds of punishments really going to help you learn and grow so that you do not do it again, though? Evidence strongly suggests otherwise. Quite simply, traditional penalties like incarceration are not the most effective at deterring offenders from committing additional crimes in the future.

Fortunately, the Connecticut criminal justice system recognizes this. That is why state law allows those who have been arrested for certain types of crimes to enroll in a pretrial diversionary program (PTD).

What is that?

With pretrial diversion, you are allowed to participate in specific programs rather than going to jail or prison. The purpose of pretrial diversion in Connecticut is to promote rehabilitation instead of punishment. Many Connecticut pretrial diversion programs incorporate community service, counseling, and fines. By successfully completing a pretrial diversion program, you have the opportunity to have your criminal charges dismissed.

At The Law Office of Douglas D. Rudolph, we are enthusiastic supporters of Connecticut’s pretrial diversion program. Not only do I believe in the importance of second chances, I also stand firmly behind rehabilitation – not punishment – as the most powerful tool to prevent future crimes.

If you have been charged with a minor crime, we highly recommend learning if you qualify to participate in a pretrial diversion program instead of facing incarceration and a lifelong criminal record. To increase your chances of being accepted into such a program, get in touch our New Haven office. We can help you determine whether you meet eligibility requirements, guide you through the application procedure, and prepare you for questioning in court. Additionally, if you are accepted into a Connecticut criminal pretrial diversionary program, our office can help you in completing the program’s requirements.

You really have nothing to lose. Want to learn more? Reach out today.

Different Types of Pretrial Diversionary Programs in New Haven

Connecticut offers eight different types of pretrial diversionary programs, each with its own eligibility criteria, requirements, and objectives. If you qualify for a program, the court may suspend your prosecution. If you violate the conditions of your program or do not complete its requirements, you will be returned to trial on the on your original charges.

On the other hand, if you do complete your Connecticut pretrial diversionary program, your charges may be dropped and your court and arrest records will be erased. Most programs require you to remain under the supervision of the Court Support Services Division (CSSD).

Below, I will summarize Connecticut’s eight different pretrial diversionary programs, in addition to their eligibility requirements.

Suspended Prosecution for Drug or Alcohol Dependence Treatment

This program is intended for defendants who were alcohol- or drug-dependent at the time of committing their alleged crime. In order to qualify for this program, the court must find that you are likely to benefit from substance dependence treatment and that suspending your prosecution will benefit the interests of justice. The program involves up to two years under CSSD supervision in treatment and programs.

Suspended Prosecution for Illegal Sale, Delivery, or Transfer of Firearms

This program is intended for defendants who are charged with a violation involving the illegal sale, delivery, or transfer of firearms, long guns, armor-piercing or incendiary .50 caliber ammunition, or large-capacity magazines.

In order to qualify for this program, the court must determine that your violation is not of a serious nature and that you are unlikely to offend in the future. You must also not have any previous convictions for this type of crime. The program involves up to two years of CCSD supervision.

Pretrial Family Violence Education Program

This program is intended for defendants charged with certain types of family violence crimes, typically not including Class A, B, C, or D felonies. In some cases, you may qualify for this program if you are charged with a Class D felony or an unclassified felony if you show good cause.

In order to qualify for this program, you cannot have recently committed a family violence crime. The program involves up to two years under a family violence intervention unit supervision.

Accelerated Rehabilitation

This program is intended for defendants charged with a certain type of non-serious crime or motor vehicle violation. In order to qualify for this program, the court must believe that you are unlikely to commit the crime again. The program involves up to two years under CSSD supervision.

Pretrial Alcohol Education Program

This program is intended for defendants charged with operating a motor vehicle, boat, or other vessel while under the influence. In order to qualify for this program, you must not have prior DUI convictions and meet certain other criteria. The program involves a minimum of one year of treatment, including 10 or 15 alcohol or state-licensed substance abuse treatment sessions.

Pretrial Drug Education and Community Service Program

This program is intended for defendants charged with a small amount of marijuana or drug paraphernalia. The program involves a minimum of one year of treatment, including a 15-session drug education or substance abuse treatment program.

Pretrial School Violence Prevention Program

This program is intended for secondary school students who are charged with an offense involving the use or threatened use of physical violence at school. In order to qualify for this program, the state and your legal guardian(s) must confirm you do not have any weapons, drugs, or illegal materials.

Pretrial Supervised Diversionary Program for Persons With Psychiatric Disabilities and Veterans

This program is intended for defendants charged with certain types of non-serious crimes or motor vehicle violations. In order to qualify for this program, you must have a qualifying psychiatric disability or be a veteran with a treatable mental health condition.

Contact the Law Office of Douglas D. Rudolph to Learn If You Can Enroll in a Pretrial Diversion Program

My passionate support of rehabilitation did not begin when I became a lawyer and I saw how it could help my clients. Before I ever started practicing law, I was a leading national advocate for drug reform.

My experiences as both an advocate and criminal law professional make me uniquely suited to help those seeking to enroll in a Connecticut pretrial diversion program. I have experience negotiating for pretrial diversion program enrollment for my clients, including those who may have not otherwise been accepted.

Find out more about how I can help you enroll in a pretrial diversion program in New Haven or the surrounding area, contact my office.

Call us today at (203) 343-7579 or contact us online.

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