, What Happens When Your Child is Accused of a Juvenile Crime in CT


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When Misdemeanors are Elevated to Felonies in Connecticut

Misdemeanors | Criminal Law | Felonies

Each state has its own criminal justice system – Connecticut is no different. The state’s legislative body passes laws that regulate conduct and specifies the penalties that a judge can – or must – impose when an individual violates or breaks a law. This set of laws is called a penal code.

Most states, including Connecticut, sort crimes into the following three categories:

Infractions: Offenses that usually aren’t very serious and involve low-level misconduct, such as traffic violations. Punishment typically[...]

What Happens When Your Child is Accused of a Juvenile Crime in CT

Juvenile Crimes

One of the worst fears for any parent is seeing their child in trouble with the law. Even worse is the idea of your child being incarcerated and placed behind bars.

The terrifying reality is that it does happen. Every year an average of 11,000 children are arrested for juvenile crimes in the state of Connecticut alone.

Another terrifying statistic? Three thousand of them will be found guilty and convicted under the state’s juvenile justice system.

One of the most [...]

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