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Connecticut Grants Greater Privacy for Juvenile Felony Trials

Juvenile Crimes

A stark separation between juvenile and adult defendants, the laws governing crimes committed by underage offenders have always allowed for greater privacy.

These are the laws that protect a minor’s name from being shared in the media and other public forums, for instance, when they’ve committed a juvenile offense.

So what happens when a juvenile offender has committed a felony?

Normally, these charges are processed as if the juvenile were an adult, which, in some cases, can nullify the privacy [...]

Connecticut Offers Pretrial Diversion Programs for These Crimes

Pretrial Alcohol Education Program (PAEP) | Pretrial Diversion Programs | Family Violence Education Program (FVEP) | Accelerated Rehabilitation (AR)

While the criminal justice system in Connecticut is certainly designed to administer punitive measures upon those who commit crimes, courts recognize that many offenders aren’t career criminals – they simply made a mistake.

To help those that find themselves charged with non-violent crimes for the first time, Connecticut offers a second chance through pretrial diversion programs.

These programs address a variety of criminal issues and can help keep your criminal record clean. Here’s what you need to know about taking [...]

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