Don’t Let Your Holiday Celebrating End in Charges of CT Assault

Holidays always involve lots of time with family and friends, sometimes lots of alcohol, and often lots of stress…and most of the time, all goes fine!

Still, there are situations when stress and alcohol consumption cause even the best of friends or closest of family members to fight.

If you’ve been there before, then you know for sure, there’s nothing worse than a holiday that is supposed to be filled with joy and good cheer end with assault charges against [...]


Need a Fresh Start? Apply to Have Your CT Criminal Record Pardoned

Sometimes people make mistakes. Whether it was a moment of youthful indiscretion or a lapse of judgment caused by alcohol, they simply happen.

At the same time, these mistakes can result in permanent criminal records. Still, that doesn’t mean it’s fair for a minor issue to follow you your whole life.

If you’re a Connecticut citizen who’s made a mistake, you might be eligible to get your criminal record pardoned, which could ultimately clear your record forever, no matter the [...]


Watch Out – Connecticut Police on Cracking Down on “Porch Pirates”

It’s probably no surprise to hear that the rise in online shopping has also led to a correlating increase in package thievery. These “porch pirates” can easily take advantage of packages sitting on the front step, especially during the holidays.

Last holiday season the problem of package theft became apparent to law enforcement, shoppers, and retailers alike, and cops really started cracking down.

Take police in New Jersey, who teamed up with Amazon to catch these thieves using doorbell cameras [...]


Thinking about Shoplifting Holiday Gifts? So Are Connecticut Police

The holidays are ripe for possibilities. With crowded stores, careless shoppers, and overwhelmed store owners, it may seem too easy to pocket those gifts you can’t quite afford.

Resist the temptation, though. You might feel like your actions will get lost in the hustle and bustle, but store security and law enforcement officials are on high alert this time of year… and they’re looking to catch anyone that they even think could be shoplifting.

CT Police Are Increasing Their Efforts